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Electronic cigarette affiliate program from the Smokers Angel


Electronic cigarette affiliate program from the Smokers Angel

Electronic Cigarette Affiliates

Join the electronic cigarette affiliate program for freeWe are currently looking for electronic cigarettes affiliates. Would you like to help others with a serious problem and get paid for doing so?

There are 1.3 billion smokers in the world today. Most of these smokers want to quit, and have tried to quit, but have failed. In fact, in one study less than one percent of smokers who tried to quit with nicotine cessation aids succeeded in doing so beyond 6 months.

Between one third and half of all these smokers will die of a smoking related disease. That’s where the electronic cigarette comes in. It’s an alternative to cigarettes which looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette and tastes like a cigarette - but:

* Has no tar, tobacco or smoke (but does contain nicotine which, though addictive, is not the cause of smoking diseases)

* Is 75% cheaper than regular cigarettes (one of our customers bought a house with her savings!)

* Can be used anywhere

The Razor Blade Model and How to Get Lifetime Recurring Commissions

But that’s not the only benefit of the electronic cigarette - at least for marketers. The e-cigarette business is based on the razor blade model. When companies like Gillette sell a razor they don’t just make a single purchase - they gain ongoing sales. To continue using a Gillette razor, you have to buy razors - month after month after month. And that’s the same with cigarettes - and e-cigarettes.

Your real profit will not be in selling the kit (although you’ll make a good commission on this too) but in gaining a customer who will go on buying refills or e-liquid, bringing you in a fantastic passive income week after week after week, with no further work on your part. Our programme is unlimited. That means, as long as your customer goes on buying refills etc, you carry on collecting your commissions. It's also a powerful income opportunity - you earn 10% on sales you generate, and continuing, ongoing commissions again from the sales made by other affiliates you might introduce.

How much money can I make?How much money can youmake from electronic cigarette affiliates program?

Those who are prepared to really work at this opportunity could make themselves a really good income.

Those who don't take action to market our products will not make any commissions - so no income. Those who take a few steps to market our products will generate a small income. Those who put a lot of time and effort into learning how to market the e-cigarette then put those marketing steps into action and introduce many customers and affiliates should generate a really good income and find that their affiliates and customers will generate thousands of pounds of recurring income for them. Not all affiliates you introduce will generate a sale, some will generate several sales and a few will generate a lot.

What Does it cost to get started?

Electronic cigarette affiliate program - what it costs to get startedThis electronic cigarette affiliate program costs nothing to join, it's 100% free! PLUS... We will give you a £25 start up bonus

Become a business partner with us and market a device which can save lives and money of over 20% of the population!
Affiliate Benefits:
* SIGN UP BONUS of £25 (about $37) (payable when affiliate commissions reach 25 GBP)
* New! Low payout threshold of £25 £15
* 6 month cookie and IP tracking (if your web visitor returns any time within 6 months and buys, you get the sale)
* LIFETIME RECURRING COMMISSIONS - after one e-cigarette kit is sold you earn with every refill sold
* 10% commission on sales (average sale value of £56 $83)
* 20% tier bonus commission (you get paid the equivalent of 20% of the earnings of every affiliate you recruit)
* Newsletter with promotions, discount codes, opportunities to earn extra commissions by completing tasks, competitions e.t.c. html ads, text links and quality banners provided via the affiliate system
* A special coupon for your users

NEW BONUS FOR AFFILIATES: A FREE dedicated website, tested to provide the very highest conversion rates for your use, for you to download.
NEW: Video training for all affiliates.

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