Advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes

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Advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes

What are the pros and cons of switching to e-cigs?

Many people when first looking into the possibility of switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs may want to know the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes. Below is a list of these that will help you decide if vaping is for you…

advantages of electronic cigarettes - tick imageAdvantages of Electronic cigarettes

  • The first and most obvious advantage has to be that the e-cig has none of the chemicals that can be found in traditional tobacco products. This is a major factor in making the e-cig safer than smoking. See Are electronic cigarettes safe?
  • The next BIG advantage is electronic cigarettes are generally around 75% cheaper than their tobacco based alternatives. This is a major factor for a lot of people who make the switch to e-cigs as the savings can be over ¬£1500.00 per year. See What savings can be made by switching to e-cigarettes?
  • You can actually make money from vaping! Many companies have an affiliate program where you get paid for referring others to this alternative to smoking.
  • Electronic cigarettes have no smell – There’s no nasty smoke that other people sometimes get offended by, making e-cigs pleasant to use anywhere. Because there’s no smell (or smoke – it’s vapour) there’s none of the after effects of smoking such as your clothes smelling the next day.
  • No staining of your fingers or teeth. Heavy smokers will be aware of this problem which leaves that disgusting brown mark on their teeth and fingers!
  • No fire risk – There’s no flame or burning with e-cigs. Traditional tobacco cigarettes are a major cause of house fires. According to the recent statistics of Department for Communities and Local Government, in 2008 around 2,800 fires in the UK were caused by smoking cigarettes, about 101 people died and 932 were injured.
  • Whilst the e-cig is not allowed to be marketed as a cessation device, it is true that refill cartridges and e-liquid are available in various nicotine strengths. This fact alone provides the user the opportunity to lower the strength or even omit it entirely by choosing a zero-nicotine version. Therefore the e-cig user has the choice which is something not achievable with tobacco cigarettes.
  • No dirty ashtrays! – With e-cigs there’s no ash so no need for ashtrays.

Those are some of the major advantages of electronic cigarettes. I’m sure there are many more! One silly one that springs to mind is this…

Ever fancied a ciggy whilst having a bath or shower? – You could with an e-cig! Try doing it with a tobacco one…

Enough of the silly stuff, let’s get back on track and now take a look at the…

red-xDisadvantages of electronic cigarettes

  • ¬†Questionable ingredients – What’s in an e-cig? Whilst most suppliers are reliable and dependable, be cautious of what you buy. Because e-cigs are a fairly new concept, many will be jumping on the bandwagon to supply you with e-juices and refills etc. Remember, the cheapest may not always be the best (or safe) Has it been tested?¬†Please make sure you buy from a trusted source. See – What to look for before buying e-cigarettes in the UK
  • Slightly heavier than a traditional tobacco or ‘Analogue’ ciggy but most people get used to this very quickly and it rarely causes a problem.

Other than the above, there are no real disadvantages to electronic cigarettes.



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