CE5 Clearomiser – How to strip down and clean

October 18, 2013 in e-cig Information, Save Money by Admin

CE5 clearomiser - How to strip down and clean

The CE5 Clearomiser

James at e-cigarette Direct has been testing a lot of clearomisers recently and the favourite right now is the CE5. The CE5 comes in a range of colours, black, red, clear and blue. The great advantage of the CE5 clearomiser is that it can be stripped down and cleaned.

Simply hold onto the bottom and unscrew. You can then run hot but NOT boiling water through the clearomiser to clean it. After this is done, leave it for a good few hours, perhaps overnight to make sure it is completely dry. It must not be wet when you use it again.

Inside the CE5 clearomiser is a atomiser and wick. The wick soaks up the e-liquid and the atomiser heats it up and vapourises it.

You can get replacement atomiser and wick for the CE5 clearomiser for just £1.99 and this is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole clearomiser.

Here’s James in a  video that explains this process…

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Now you know how to strip down and clean the CE5 clearomiser, you can easily replace the atomiser and wick for very little cost. This makes the CE5 a great choice for vapers.

If the words CE5, clearomiser, atomiser etc have little meaning for you and you are new to the concept of electronic cigarettes, you may like to check out The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes



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