Children who use electronic cigarettes – The shocking truth

October 5, 2013 in e-cig Information, Latest e-cig News by Admin

Children who use electronic cigarettes - The shocking truth

Are children really using e-cigs? Get the facts here…

Anti-smoking and anti-electronic cigarette movements are using the argument that children are being ‘sucked in’ to using e-cigs. It’s also a strong argument of an EU lobby who are seeking a ban on e-cigs as we know them at the present time.

Understandably, this fear of children using electronic cigarettes is a major concern to everyone. But we must ask some very important questions about these fears…

  • Are children using e-cigarettes?
  • If they are, are these children being lead into nicotine usage, or are they children who would otherwise be smoking tobacco cigarettes?
  • Who is responsible for the sale of ¬†electronic cigarettes to children?

The use of e-cigs by children in the UK

Thankfully, e-cigarette usage has been carefully measured by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) UK.

The results of this research on child usage of e-cigs is shown here in a mini info-graphic…

Children use use electronic cigarettes - The shocking truth
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From the above information the shocking truth is revealed as…

  • The majority of children do not use electronic cigarettes
  • Those few who do are already smoking cigarettes
  • Governments allow children to use e-cigarettes
  • Reputable retailers do not sell to children.

In fact, here in the UK, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) does not allow any of its 30 plus members to market towards children.

It would appear we have a system where the governments and EU rules do allow the usage of e-cigs by children but responsible retailers do NOT!

What’s your opinion? Leave your comments below…

Special thanks to James Dunworth of e-cigarette Direct for compiling this very important insight into e-cigarette usage by children. Many more interesting articles can be found on The Ashtray Blog




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