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January 14, 2014 in Clearomisers, e-cig Information by Admin

clearomiser guideClearomiser Guide – The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Clearomisers

Looking for a comprehensive guide to clearomisers, illustrated with pictures and video tutorials, which will cover everything a newcomer to clearomisers needs to know – and a bit more?

Steve Vape and James Dunworth have put together what has to be one of the best guides to clearomisers ever published!

This guide covers:

  • What clearomisers are.
  • Types of clearomisers including Bottom Coil Clearomisers
  • How to fill a clearomiser.
  • How to clean clearomisers
  • How to change the atomiser and wick Troubleshooting clearomisers.
  • Clearomiser life Ohms and resistance, and how to use different atomisers to personalise your vaping experience

See this ultimate guide to clearomisers

The guide is very long and covers EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know. So make yourself a cuppa, grab your e-cigarette and have a read – Enjoy!



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