Cyber Monday e-cigarette sale

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Cyber Monday e-cigarette sale

Cyber Monday, the internet’s biggest shopping day brings some amazing e-cig bargains! Cyber Monday Offer: Up to 40% Discounts

Cyber Monday e-cigarette sale

This Cyber Monday you can take advantage of our biggest offers ever.
  • 38% off Ultra Tank Kits – Use the Black Friday code  “blackultra”
  • 40% off Tank 1 Kits – Use the Black Friday code   “blacktank”
  • 25% off Halo Kits – Use the Black Friday code “blackhalo”
  • 15% off All Other Items 

Grab a bargain in our online store between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get 15% off everything in store, PLUS, special deals on standard Halo kits, Ultra Tank kits and Tank-1 kits with the coupon codes above. Use the code “blackhalo” to get 25% off a standard Halo kit. Use the Code “blackultra” to get a 38% off an Ultra Tank kit. Use the code “blacktank” to get 40% off a Tank-1 Kit.

Cyber Monday originates from the US and is the internet’s busiest shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday has now taken off in the UK! For those Brits and maybe Europeans that don’t know about Cyber Monday, here’s an article that explains it  Hurry, these offers are VERY time limited – Ends  TONIGHT at midnight 2nd December 2013 – Get Your Cyber Monday e-cigarette sale bargains NOW! Visit the shop



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