Free e-cigarette samples – Beware

October 4, 2013 in Discounts and Offers, e-cig Information by Admin

Free e-cigarette samples

Are they REALLY free? Beware…

There seems to be a lot of websites popping up that offer free e-cigarette samples. The offer looks very enticing at first glance, just fill in your details including your credit or debit card information (This is usually requested for the postage and packaging costs) and the company behind the website will send you a free e-cigarette sample for you to try out. What could be better? A free e-cig and you just pay the postage and packaging.


Many of these websites offering free e-cigarette samples will send you the product to try but what you might not realize is, you have just signed up for a monthly order of refill cartridges or e-liquids and these are usually grossly over priced. Please read the small print carefully before entering any financial information at these sites. Better yet, check there contact details and see if you can call them by telephone to speak to someone first.

We know of people who have signed up for a free e-cigarette sample and have liked the product but were not aware of the ongoing monthly charges for more product to be shipped. They thought they were just paying a one off P&P charge. Then when they tried to cancel the payments, it has proved very difficult for them to do so.

If you really don’t want to pay a small price for a ‘Starter Kit’ Then why not phone the company whos’ products you like the look of and ask them for a free sample. You never know, they may just be willing to send you a sample without any further obligation.




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