An Interview with Herbert A Gilbert – The Inventor of the Electronic Cigarette

October 2, 2013 in e-cig Information, Electronic Cigarette History by Admin

Inventor of the Electronic Cigarette, Herbert A Gilbert

Herbert A Gilbert – Inventor of the Electronic Cigarette


Last year, when James Dunworth from e-cigarette Direct was writing up the history of the electronic cigarette, he mentioned Herbert A. Gilbert, who is considered by a great number of people to be the inventor of the  electronic cigarette we all know of today.

Herbert, now in his 80′s, did read the James’s post, got in contact with him, and the following interview (which James believes is the first ever blog interview with the inventor of the e-cigarette) is the result!

Read this incredible interview

James has also conducted several other interviews with experts in the e-cigarette field and much useful information can be gained by visiting The Ashtray Blog




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