UK Government Latest Position On ecigs

October 15, 2013 in e-cig Information, Latest e-cig News, Legal by Admin

eu-vapers-image-smallUK Government Latest Position On ecigs

What’s Next for Vapers, UK Gov to Ban Ecigs?

Following the EU vote, we have bloggers, campaigners and politicians sharing their predictions for the future.There are also some strange arguments from the UK government on why they want to stop you from using your e-cigarette.

1. What’s Next for the EU: Twelve Top Vapers, Campaigners and Politicians Predict the Future 
Last week we won an EU vote on whether to medicalise the e-cigarette. However, the battle is far from over –  the EU still want to stop you from buying e-cigarettes or e-liquid online, and the UK government still aims to proceed with a ban.
The Ashtray Blog asked campaigners, including Lib Dem MEP Rebecca Taylor and ecigaretteforum founder Oliver Kershaw, to predict what’s next for us vapers
2. UK Government Says ecigs Better for You, May Be More Effective than NRT, But Will Ban Anyway
New from our government – in an article in the Telegraph, a government agency and Action on Smoking and Health claims that e-cigarettes are orders of magnitude safer for you than tobacco cigarettes, may be more effective for you than NRT aids – but will be banned anyway.
As usual all this and more is covered in great detail on The Ashtray Blog – Head on over now for the UK Government Latest Position On ecigs.



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