UK Produced e-liquid

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UK Produced e-liquid

UK Produced e-liquid

e-Cigarette Direct are proud to announce a new range of premium UK produced e-liquid known by some as e-juice.

Months of research has gone into the development to bring you the best possible taste at a competitive price…

Produced to very high standards using only the best ingredients. To find out more about how we make this premium UK produced e liquid so special, click here

UK Produced e-liquid Pricing

By creating a purpose fitted e-liquid factory, and by implementing their own rigorous quality control, e-Cigarette Direct are able to pass the savings on to you.

When you buy the premium UK [manufactured] e-liquid you save by not paying for:

  • Shipping and handling fees.
  • Additional VAT.
  • Import duties and taxes.
  • Customs clearance fees.

You also have the satisfaction your money goes to UK workers – all of whom are paid above the minimum wage as part of the Living Wage scheme.

You can buy 10ml of Halo premium UK eliquid for just £4.49. We believe that this is incredible value for money.

UK Produced e-liquid from The Smokers AngelUK Produced e-liquid Quality.

You can now find a range of premium, steeped e liquid on ECigaretteDirect, produced in the e liquid factory from UK sourced ingredients by a team of e liquid mixologists. This range of e-liquid has been created to give YOU the ultimate vaping experience, and comes with a range of different flavours including tobacco, fruits and sweet flavours.

To experience the best possible taste, use these e liquids with the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser.

How is this done?

e-Cigarette Direct have implemented strict manufacturing and quality control measures to ensure that your e liquid passes the most rigorous testing and quality control procedures. This procedures include careful selection of pharmaceutical grade UK produced nicotine, PG, VG and flavourings, through to in house testing of nicotine content, ph levels, and of course the most important test, how well it vapes.

A concept for a new flavour starts with project manager Steve Ahearne. Sample flavours from some of the top UK & European flavourists are tested by the team of staff vapers.

Whole Batch Steeped UK Produced e-liquid.

e-Cigarette Direct,  understand that getting a reliable, flavourful, and consistent vape from your chosen eliquid is important. When you find a flavour you like, it should be the same great experience every time.

All of this UK eliquid is whole batch steeped so that when you fill up your tank or drip on your RDA, you are getting the best possible flavour straight away.

What is steeping?

One of the first questions people ask after getting into refillable tank style e-cigarettes, or re-buildable atomisers is “what is steeping and how do I do it?”

Steeping is the process used to fully blend and mature an eliquid to maximise the flavour that you get when you vape, a bit like letting a good wine sit at the right temperature before opening.

Why should I steep my juice?

Steeping is entirely optional. e-Cigarette Direct are confident that the batch steeping process will give you a great vape as soon as the eliquid is delivered to you, however, further steeping can bring out subtle flavours by giving the eliquid additional time to mature and develop.

When the PG and VG mix is blended with flavours during manufacturing, the mixture is thoroughly mixed through this and filling process, but the flavours require time to fully infuse. Steeping will allow you to get the best possible flavour out of our eliquid by giving the eliquid flavours time to mix with the PG/VG blend.

Once  something is found that is close to what is wanted to created,  custom flavours are then developed by the flavour houses so that the Halo premium e liquid tastes like nothing you’ve ever vaped before, and that’s a guarantee!

Production is overseen by resident pharmacologist, Gwyn Taylor, who also tests the juices to ensure purity and accuracy of nicotine percentage, and potency of flavour.

Tested In-House AND by Government Approved LabsUK produced e-liquid tested In-House AND by Government Approved Labs

This premium UK produced e-liquid is manufactured and tested under the supervision of the in-house pharmacologist, Gwyn Taylor, who has also come up with innovative ways to ensure greater accuracy of test results. HALO eliquid samples have also been to a UK Government approved lab to ensure purity of content and accuracy of nicotine levels.

Click here for an example of a testing certificate for the latest batch of the Virginia 2.4% e-Liquid.

Reviewers Wanted

e-Cigarette Direct are so confident that this British e-liquid makes the grade that batches have been made ready to send to up to ten UK reviewers.

If you are an established reviewer, contact James on with your blog/YouTube channel, preferred e-liquid strength and  postal address.

(Please note, e-liquid samples may not be available to be send out for every request immediately, but all reviewers will go on a review list for future trials.)

It’s nice to know there is a reliable supplier of a quality e-liquid made in the UK rather than having to buy cheap products from such places as market stalls and not really knowing just what the hell it contains! Vaping just got even safer… Read enough? Want to try this e-juice? Grab your UK produced e-liquid NOW!



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