How to vape for free

September 29, 2013 in Affiliate Program, Save Money by Admin

How to vape for free

How to vape for freeElectronic cigarette users or ‘Vapers’ as we are known, may be interested to know how they can vape for free! Yes no cost to you…

It takes a little work but is very easily achieved. e-cig-direct have an affiliate program that is free to join. You get a free website and a unique referral link. When you give this link to other smokers and they buy something from the online shop, you get awarded a commission.

So, simply work out what you spend a month on vaping products, let’s save for this example it’s £40.00. The affiliate program pays 10% of the total cost of any sale. So if you can generate £400.00 in sales, you will get a £40.00 commission which is in effect the  equivalent of getting your vaping goodies for free!

Now getting sales to the value of £400 might seem like a bit of a mission, I mean who spends £400 a month on electronic cigarette products? Not many people I would guess. But just for a moment, consider this…

What if you found 10 people who are currently smoking cigarettes and simply said to them “Would you be interested in a cheaper and healthier way to smoke?”  You see 10 people spending £40.00 a month each on e-cig products sounds a little more realistic doesn’t it?

If all those 10 people switched to electronic cigarettes, you would have your £40.00 in commission and therefore you can vape for free!

What if only half of them decided to switch? You would have £20 in commission (Assuming they each spend £40) You would still be getting you refills or e-liquid at half price! What if you had to tell 20 people to get your 10? Still very easy to do, how many people do you know who smoke but would like to quit?

You don’t have to stop at 10 or 20 people. Go tell the world and actually start to earn a little as well. These days it’s really easy to communicate with thousands may be even hundreds of thousands of people via the internet. Just think Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Youtube, email. The list is endless.

Simply refer your smoker friends and effectively you can learn how to vape for free.

If vaping for free or even earning a little (maybe a lot if you put in the effort) interests you, check out this free to join electronic cigarette affiliate program



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